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Fender Rhodes Upkeep


Violently striking the keys of a vintage 1976 Fender Rhodes during a deep jam leads to breakage of the fragile tines, which are tiny metal dowel rods that are amplified via an electromagnetic pickup.  Although the sound is second to none, owning a vintage instrument almost twice your age has its drawbacks – no longer being covered under warranty being one of them.  Time to get my hands dirty with a tedious self-repair job.





‘Land Mines’ Music Video Released

landmines big screengrabCatch Kid’s newest video from their album Last Good Shot. You can now order the full EP on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc… 

Just click here.

New Songs in the Making…

CatchKid_LastGoodShot_CD Label_v1CATCH KID is excited to announce the upcoming release of their EP labeled Last Good Shot. Set to be released in January of 2014, the band is really treasuring the making of this five-song demo.

Although it’s short, we wrote it with the mindset that this could be the last album we’ll ever work on.  It’s now or never; that’s what Last Good Shot means to us. We’re making every effort to distance ourselves from mediocre songs. If random listeners [i.e. not our mothers] insert our songs into their playlist, we will be happy campers.”

Their newest member, Jeremy Van Mill, will be making his debut on the EP, displaying his innate capacity to shred on guitar. This time around, the material is going to be different, in a surprisingly good way.

Check back soon for an update on the digital release of the EP.

Website – Launched!

Welcome to our website! This section is called “The Fridge” and you can keep up to date with the band and what we are currently working on here.

The Fridge
is our practice studio located in Madison, WI. Originally a milk and dairy factory, this acoustically converted walk-in refrigerator is where we truly believe our musical ideas marinate. Although it gets cold from time to time, we still manage to crank out some killer tunes.