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Immune to the polar vortex, Catch Kid emerges from the snowdrifts of the Midwest and is blossoming into fruitful song makers.  Built on pure songwriting, distinct vocals, anthemic melodies and a handsome timekeeper manning the kit, their songs are big enough for the masses.  Dubbed as the “tallest” band in the city of Madison and surrounding area, they spend their days fashioning their sound in an abandoned dairy factory, preparing it for the big stages.

The front man, Nate Rusch, has rebounded quite nicely after enduring musical failures in his adolescents, specifically being denied a spot on the high school honors choir.  ”In all honesty, a choir setting is not my cup of tea and neither is reading sheet music.”

Lead guitarist Jeremy Van Mill is one of the most talented guitarists in Madison, and his skill translates anthemically on stage. He brings the full sound and depth to Catch Kid’s songs, and remains completely in control and humble while doing so.

The fellow handling the beat responsibilities, Luke Osiecki, has an uncanny ability to produce fresh, tasty beats that forces the audience to shake a leg. “I am more than just a timekeeper. Every time I write my parts, my intentions are to improve the feel and vibe of the song, not just the tempo. If I get listeners to tap their foot, mission accomplished”.

Follow the band on Twitter: @catchkid

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