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Catch Kid is an indie rock / pop band, hailing from an isthmus city, Madison, Wisconsin.

Immune to the polar vortex, this creative and independent collective emerges from the snowdrifts of the Midwest and is blossoming into fruitful song makers.  Catch Kid is known to write, produce, and partially engineer all of their own music, but also for possibly being the tallest band in Wisconsin!

The band’s upcoming four-track EP is due to be released in late August: two songs, “Tell Your Story” and “Blood to a Shark” were mixed by Grammy award winning Joe Chiccarelli.

Catch Kid is fronted by Nate Rush, a self-taught pianist with a very distinct voice.  He also acts as the producer of the band and, as a last resort, is stuck playing the bass guitar on the records. In College, Nate won a campus idol competition and got to open for Common.  He sadly never met Common backstage, but he was awarded a year’s supply of Chipotle burritos for the victory.

Luke Osiecki, the drummer and a much taller than an average human who dwarfs any drum kit, is also a professional audio engineer, mentored by the great Dave Poler.   Luke is more than just a timekeeper, he’s the backbone.

Jeremy Van Mill, the lead guitarist, gives a dark and gritty edge to the songs, making Catch Kid’s sounds more eclectic and diverse.  He has a signature look while playing live, where he strikes a pose and hunches over his guitar while soloing.  Jimmy Hendrix are major influences of his style of play

Catch Kid is taking no prisoners in a bid to write the perfect song.

Follow the band on Twitter: @catchkid

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