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“The penultimate act was a Madison-based trio called Catch Kid. Their light-up costumes gave the crowd a thrill and added to their alternative rock vibe. The vocals were smooth and original, with melodies reminiscent of U2. The guitar riffs rocked, but didn’t rip your face off, which helped add to their chill melodic sound. Their percussionist put down beats that made tapping your foot irresistible. All of their songs sounded different, which was a refreshing and unique experience.”

- The Daily Cardinal 

“Their songs are big enough for the masses, built upon strong melodic backbones and solid songwriting. And while the DNA of Catch Kid is very much the same from their debut EP, Geronimo, it’s clear that they have taken a big step forward with Build a Fire with Me. 

Keep an eye on this trio – we think they’re just getting revved up.”

Goodbye Babylon


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